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Who is Property Tax Service Company?

Perhaps it would be easier to start with who we are not.

We are not a firm who comes through your door with all the answers. After all, until we meet, how can we know your questions? We listen intently to your business objectives and use our expertise to determine the best tax strategy for your situation.

We are experienced in handling high-profile, major assessment issues and efficiently organized to handle small, commodity properties or large properties with complex valuation profiles.

We are not the Property Tax Firm for Everyone

Just as our clients are very selective in engaging an outsource partner, we are selective in committing to engagements so we can provide effective and responsive property tax administration and control.

Many of our clients have been with us a decade or more. Understanding your needs and our strengths is the key to success and a long-term partnership.

We are not interested in being a commodity provider. As a nationwide provider of property tax services, our clients and resources stretch across the United States from the largest Metropolitan areas to small communities. Our goal, however, is to be next to you, at the table, providing strategy and support as an extension of your team.