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  • Assessment reviews
  • Preparation/presentation of assessment appeals
  • Property tax administration
  • Track asset and real estate records by assessors and collectors
  • Review/approve tax statements
  • Representation at appeals/audits
  • Tax estimating for budgets and accruals
  • Strategic management report

Our services deliver results. More than just minimizing property tax bills, we measure our success based on the client's expectations and goals, communication, thoroughness, and expeditious service throughout the assessment process. Surprises are rarely pleasant - but they do occur, especially in our industry. At PTS, we are focused on providing the best estimates possible and fewer surprises to the business management team. We use our resources and expertise to build the best approach for our client's needs.

Our results speak for themselves, in the most equitable and fair property tax possible under local law and practice.


We understand the different taxing jurisdictions and leverage this to your advantage. Most companies lack the in-house expertise that PTS has to address the complex issues that impact property valuation and tax payments.

At PTS, we focus on teamwork and communication to unite our expertise with your internal resources and our primary objective is to ensure that together we achieve your business goals.